Katya Fialkova
My work has been focused on natural and built landscapes, and how we mold and change our natural environments, sometimes subtly, more often grossly. While these works are anchored in a specific place, you would never find them on a map - in the drawing process they morph, absorb bits of other places, or take on fantastical elements. They are familiar places that you can never get back to.

Cultivated fields and grassy hills appear in the drawings, as well as brash, blinking theaters and amusement parks as examples of extreme spectacle and artifice. These spaces represent for me the pinnacle of ‘unnaturalness’ as they are vessels for a wondrous and short-lived artifice.

The interiors in my work are these places of performance, empty of the people and pageant they were built to present. Abandoned to nature, they slide slowly into memory.

I am interested in what happens when we stop providing the constant maintenance that our built structures, like our bodies, require. Abandoned, decaying or destroyed built spaces appear often and dramatize the tug of war between people and their environments.

Recently, I've also been interested in the landscapes that held wooly mammoths and other long-extinct creatures. One place, with layers of inhabitants, across time.

Formally, I am interested in the tension between figuration and abstraction.